Do you already know our myBuddy video? There we will explain the myBuddy program to you in a nutshell in 90 seconds.

You can also find at common questions Further information about participating in the myBuddy program. If you cannot find an answer to your question there, write us a message:

If you have technical problems, write us a message:

Currently only adults over the age of 18 can participate in the myBuddy program.
Please check your email again for correctness and spelling!
The indication of the mobile phone number is voluntary. However, we recommend that you provide information so that your myBuddy can contact you more easily.
If you are unsure which group suits you, you can find our answer at common questions.
You increase the matching chances for a myBuddy if you are open to both genders.
You should only include languages in which you can have at least basic conversations. Start with the language that you speak best.
Choose up to 5 topics that interest you most
Choose up to 5 activities that you prefer to do in your free time
Maximum file size: 2 MB
You can find out why we need a photo for registration under common questions.

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