Weihua Wang
Founder & Managing Director

I am with myBuddy because social integration is the foundation for prosperity and peace.

Julius Haas
Digital process strategy and automation

I am with myBuddy because I am convinced of the idea of bringing people together. Intercultural friendships are an enrichment for everyone involved and contribute to a better society.

Miriam Schmitz
Cooporation Manager Patronage

I'm with myBuddy because diversity is the strength of our society. Together we can learn from each other and shape the future positively!

Luis Jahnel
Cooperation Manager patronage

I am with myBuddy because integration is the cornerstone of a harmonious society.

Bettina Kost
Social Media Manager

I am with myBuddy because integration concerns us all.

Philipp Somogyi
IT support and data protection officer

I am with myBuddy because I see cultural diversity as an enrichment for all of us.

Julia Winderling
Social Media Manager

I'm with myBuddy because I want to help people of different origins and cultures get to know each other and appreciate their differences and similarities.

Stephanie Ortner
Internal Process Coordinator

I am with myBuddy because I know from my own experience how enriching intercultural friendships are and how important it is to encourage people from different backgrounds to get together.

Sultana Danisman
Social Media Manager

I am with myBuddy because I know how nice it can be to get to know new friendships and cultures that you would not otherwise come into contact with.

Patrizio Iaquinandi
Digital Marketing Manager

I am with myBuddy because I know from personal experience that social integration promotes respectful coexistence and mutual trust.

Natalie Reyher
Cooperation Manager Activities Sponsors

I am with myBuddy because intercultural friendships enrich life and promote mutual tolerance in society.

Andra Tache
Social media team

Ich bin bei myBuddy, weil ich Teil des Wandels der Unternehmerwelt zu einem sozialer und nachhaltiger orientiertem Ort sein will – und weil Integration der Kern eines friedlichen Miteinanders ist!

Moritz Miller
IT Support und Digitale Prozessstrategie

Ich bin bei myBuddy, weil nur Integration uns alle voranbringt!

Tiantong Zhang
Social media team

I am with myBuddy because integration is a difficult but important topic for all of us.



Werde Teil unseres jungen, dynamischen Team und verändere nachhaltig unsere Gesellschaft!

Wir brauchen Unterstützung in vielen Bereichen, z.B. Social Media, Kooperationsmanagement und vielen mehr. Du kannst dich in vielen Unterschiedlichen Formaten einbringen – für jeden ist was dabei.


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