The future is only possible together

A big thank you goes to all of our supporters who work with us to promote social integration:
Stefan Dallinger
District Administrator, Rhein-Neckar District
MyBuddy turns strangers into friends - for me that is integration. Reservations can only be overcome if we really get to know one another and support one another. It is therefore particularly important to me to take over the patronage for this important project.
Dr. Joachim Streit
District Administrator, Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm
Anyone who lives rightly in Germany should find a new home here. Integration only works if we locals are willing to let people into our lives. myBuddy brings people together and thus helps them to feel good in their new home.
Jutta Steinruck
Lord Mayor, Ludwigshafen
myBuddy is proof that everything is easier with friends and in the community & #8211; also with the integration. It is called community precisely because you can create everything together. Together, hurdles and barriers can be overcome and prejudices broken down. By working together you also get to know the other culture and broaden your horizons. For all these reasons I am very happy to take over the patronage for this valuable project.
Ralf Lessmeister
District Administrator, Kaiserslautern
For our district, successful integration means that it takes into account the core needs of social participation and therefore takes the best possible measures for access to training, work and language skills.
Heiko Sippel
District Administrator, Alzey-Worms
myBuddy offers the opportunity to make contacts on site in the neighborhood and to develop and grow intercultural friendships on a private level. This is lived integration. That's why I was happy to take over the patronage for the project.
Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner
Lord Mayor, Heidelberg
Integration can only succeed if immigrants become a natural part of society. This succeeds when contacts between locals and immigrants are established so that friendships and partnerships can develop. This is exactly where the idea of myBuddy comes in and provides these contacts. This is how integration becomes a lived reality. That's why I supported the project and am the patron of myBuddy for the city of Heidelberg.
Christian Engelhardt
District Administrator, Bergstrasse district
For years we have had a strong immigration of people who want to live and work with us. Integrating them is an investment in the future and a long-term task for everyone. It is important to get to know each other, break down prejudices and find common values. Personal contact plays a major role and should be encouraged. That is why I support the project and am the patron of the Bergstrasse district.
Dr. Jonas Friedrich
Advisory board spokesman, Bremen Mitte
Personal contacts are the basis of every community. I support myBuddy because I think the approach of promoting integration through friendship is a first-class idea. Arriving in a foreign environment is made much easier by local friends and integration is accelerated.
Dr. Joachim Bläse
District Administrator, Ostalbkreis
I support myBuddy because the Ostalbkreis has always stood up for diversity and tolerance and stands for it.
Zeno Danner
District Administrator, Constance
The myBuddy sponsorship concept provides for eye-to-eye contact between people from the majority society and immigrants, which makes it much easier to arrive in the new environment. At the same time, we can also learn from immigrants. myBuddy actively contributes to this and helps to break down prejudices and facilitate encounters from which both sides can benefit
Dietmar Allgaier
Landrat, Ludwigsburg
Mit 18,3 Prozent hat der Landkreis Ludwigsburg einen überdurchschnittlich hohen Anteil an Einwohnern anderer Nationalitäten. Dennoch gelingt Integration hier in geradezu vorbildlicher Weise. Dies ist nachbarschaftlichen Projekten wie myBuddy zu verdanken, das ein niederschwelliges Angebot für geflüchtete Menschen bietet und einheimischen Bürgern ein Kennenlernen auf Augenhöhe ermöglicht. Gelungene Integration bedeutet, sich einer Gemeinschaft zugehörig zu fühlen. Daher unterstütze ich myBuddy mit voller Überzeugung.
Manfred Görig
Landrat, Vogelsbergkreis
Für unseren Landkreis bedeutet gelungene Integration, dass neuzugewanderte Menschen offen aufgenommen werden und sich am Gemeinwesen beteiligen können. Freundschaften bilden hierfür eine wichtige Brücke. Deswegen unterstützt der Vogelsbergkreis myBuddy.
Anita Schneider
Landrätin, Gießen
Gerne bin ich Schirmherrin für myBuddy. Mir gefällt, dass die digitale Plattform ermöglicht, Kontakte und Freundschaften zwischen Menschen zu knüpfen, die sich vielleicht nie begegnet wären. Das ermöglicht das Kennenlernen unterschiedlicher Traditionen und Kulturen, die zu einer offenen und demokratischen Gesellschaft gehören.

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